Local Information

Number of Members: 126
Service Region: South East East And East Central
State District: ECOEA
UniServ Office: Beavercreek
Labor Relations Consultant: Helen Groman
County: Columbiana


Before Trouble Starts…Know your rights!

If you are called to a meeting with a supervisor which you think may turn into an accusatory proceeding, be certain to have an Association representative with you.
If you find yourself in a meeting which you did not expect to be accusatory, but which results in accusations against you or another person, ask for an adjournment of the meeting, make no comments on the issue at hand, and immediately consult with your Association representative to discuss the steps you should take.

* Do not discuss the issue with a supervisor or attempt to defend yourself alone.
* Do not make spontaneous replies to any charges.
* Make absolutely no public statements about the matter.
* Contact your Association representative immediately

Please remember:
School computers should not be used for personal/private business. These belong to the Salem B.O.E. and as such they can be inspected to see if you are misusing them. Also, please know that email is never private. Anything you send or receive can also be forwarded, printed and checked by others. Be careful with technology!

No Substitutes?
You have the right to refuse to cover another teacher’s class.
Pg. 18, letter T, sec. 4 of our contract states:
When an approved substitute is not available and a bargaining unit member agrees to assume an absent teacher’s instructional responsibility and/or duty assignment, he/she shall be compensated at the rate of twenty dollars ($20.00) per hour, per class period or fraction thereof, not to exceed one hundred twenty dollars ($120.00) for a day’s assignment.

Don’t be intimidated into doing it. Contact your building rep if you have questions, concerns, or problems.